Photo of our first MeetUp by  @danielsmythni

Photo of our first MeetUp by @danielsmythni

Best Of Belfast MeetUps

Every now and then we host events to bring people together. 

The group is made up of photographers (both amateur and professional) vloggers, bloggers, creative freelancers, 9-5 warriors, full time parents and hopefully even you.

We’re a group that loves exploring, adventuring and meeting new people.

There's no agenda other than to enjoy our wonderful city and showcase it to the rest of the world.

Are you in?

Street Art Crawl With Visual Waste Best Of Belfast Meetup

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All of our events are organised and announced via our MeetUp Group.

Sign up today to get involved and stay in the loop.

Until then why not join us over on Instagram where we feature photos of Belfast or listen to our podcast where people from Belfast tell their story.

Hope to see you soon

- Matthew Thompson