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Best Of Belfast is a podcast independently funded by listeners of the show. We’re passionate about spreading a positive story about Northern Ireland and couldn’t do what we do with our incredible producers.

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Ormeau Baths Barclay Eagle Labs

Ormeau Baths is an iconic building with a lot of history. The former bathing house turned art-gallery was transformed into a coworking space in 2016 and now acts as the entrepreneurial heartbeat of the city.

We’ve called this place home since the early days of the show and officially partnered up with them in 2019 to build an in-house podcast studio to start showcasing some of their incredible start-up stories.

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Town Square Cafe

Towns used to have town squares. A space where people gathered.A place where ideas were shared, where art was born, where businesses were started and philosophies debated.

Possibility lived here. It was the heart of the city. We are Belfast’s Town Square.

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Gavan Wall

Speed Mentor is a podcast hosted by serial entrepreneur Gavan Wall strategically produced to add massive value in a short space of time and take people on a transformative journey.

Combining personal development, mindset training and hands-on entrepreneurial tactics, Speed Mentor gives listeners a clear blueprint to the successful, purposeful life they’ve been chasing.

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Aly Harte

Aly Harte is an oil painter who lives in East Belfast with her husband Michael, their three sons and dog Mimi.

Aly is passionate about placing importance on everyday moments, objects and places through her mark making and she loves to see her art in your home.

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Young Enterprise Northern Ireland

Young Enterprise do amazing work equipping local students with the entrepreneurial skills they needs to start their own businesses and innovate in the workplace of the future. We can’t shout loud enough about the great work they do and are thrilled to have them as our official charity partner.

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