Virtual Reality & Decision-Making with Cathy Craig from Incisiv (#57)


Meet Cathy Craig…


Cathy Craig is a Professor of Experimental Psychology at Ulster University, but she’s also the CEO of INCISIV: a sports technology company that helps players make more match winning decisions.


Cathy was the first in the world to use Virtual Reality to study decision-making in sport and has worked with some of the top atheletes in the world. 


Having a burning desire to get her research out of the lab, she’s embarked on an entrepreneurial journey that has led to Incisvs’s first product: a VR platform that trains goalkeepers to make more saves called Cleansheet. 


In today’s conversation we explore Cathy’s widly successful academic career, how VR can be used to make our lives better and how we can make better decisions.


I was completley captivated by what she had to say and know you will too.


Here we go.

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Matthew Thompson