Designing Your World With Karishma Kusurkar From Karishma’s World (#40)

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Meet Karishma Kusurkar…


Karishma Kusurkar left India when she was 6 years old to live in Belfast. It was 1996, she had the army as neighbours and the building wobbled on a windy day.

At 18 years old she found herself at a career crossroad between medicine and the arts. After a lot of deliberation, Karishma took the plunge, rejecting her medicine offer at Trinity to study Art at Ulster University.

This kickstarted a journey that would lead Karishma all around the world, working for companies like Vogue and Topshop, living in London for 3 years and eventually moving back to Belfast to start Belfast Design Week and her own multi-disciplinary design studio Karishma’s World.

In today’s episode, we chat about what it looks like for a creative to ‘do’ business in 2019, the importance of following your curiosity and how we can design better, more richer lives for us and the people around us.

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