Podcast With Entrepreneur Pete Boyle: Argento & Let’s Go Hyrdo (#71)


Meet Pete Boyle…


In this week’s show we have the absolute privilege of sitting down with one of Northern Ireland’s most experienced and successful entrepreneurs: Pete Boyle.  

Pete Boyle started Argento in 1997 after selling jewellery on the streets of Belfast. Blessed with an excellent eye, and natural entrepreneurial flare, the Strabane family man travelled the world sourcing the best jewellery, in South America, Asia and beyond. 

This led Argento to becoming the leading retail partner of Pandora Jewellery and opening stores across the UK as a franchisee. 

Last year, Pete sold 26 PANDORA stores back to PANDORA, adding £7M to profits in the process. Since then Pete and the team have invested in office properties and opened up the £4M Water Sports Resort, Let’s Go Hydro, in Carryduff which attracted 56,000 visitors in its first year of operation.

In today’s episode we discover Pete’s origin story, how retail is changing in the age of the internet and the essential business lessons he’s learned along the way.

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