Podcast Interview With Simon Worthington, Editor Of Turf & Grain Magazine


Meet Simon Worthington


Meet Simon Worthington, the EY accountant with the coolest hobby ever: founding, running and editing the beautiful Turf & Grain magazine.

Turf & Grain is a super-high-quality, slow-cooked magazine that features in-depth interviews with noteworthy individuals across the whole island of Ireland.

Each issue is based around a theme. Last time it was ‘Makers’ and documented the stories of local craftsmen and women who are creating incredible things.

The magazine is a work of art and often feels more like a published book rather than a magazine… That’s all down to Simon’s absolute obsession with quality, and desire to create something beautiful to showcase the beauty of this part of the world, and the people in it. 

Turf and Grain Magazine Northern Ireland

In this interview, we sat down with Simon in the Lyric Theatre coffee shop in Belfast (where he does a lot of his work for Turf & Grain) to hear his story, how he manages to this while working as an accountant and how he balances the business side of the magazine with the creative.

Check it out.

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- Matthew Thompson

Matthew Thompson