Three Men In A Tub: A Conversation With Brendan And Shane From Successful Belfast (#42)


Meet Brendan Gallagher & Shane Quinn…


Brendan Gallagher is a photographer, Shane Quinn works for Belfast Buildings Trust - both are passionate about people, history and telling stories that matter.

After meeting in Debenhams at the turn of the millennium, Brendan and Shane have gone on to have thriving creative careers documenting narratives and portraits across Northern Ireland.

Successful Belfast is their challenge to our city to encourage us to think about it in a different way and become more proud of where we live.

During the interview I did with them for their blog, I enjoyed the conversation so much that I invited them back to Ormeau Baths to chat more - only this time with the microphones on.

On today’s show, we chat about identity, heritage, civic pride, mental health, what a Successful Belfast looks like and how we can get there.

Check it out.

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Contact Information For Brendan & Shane:

Brendan Gallagher:

Inst - brendangallagherphoto

LinkedIn -

Facebook - brendangallagherphotography

website - and

Service - Commercial and wedding photography

Fav book - haha hmmmmmmmm er.........out of the thousands, Bill Bryson's - A brief history of nearly everything

Shane Quinn:

Instagram: @successfulbelfast


Twitter: @successbelfast


Favourite Book: They Marched into Sunlight by David Maraniss

Anything else: Only thing I can think of really is Belfast Buildings Trust - - given that it is the Trust and the Trustees that support so much of what I do

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Thanks again to Brendan & Shane for taking the time to share their story with us!

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- Matt

Matthew Thompson