Northern Ireland’s 2019 Young Enterprise Champions: RagDogs From Bloomfield Collegiate (#54)


Meet RagDogs…


RagDogs is a new start-up founded by 7 young women from Bloomfield Collegiate School in East Belfast through the Young Enterprise Northern Ireland Company Program.


Being “barking mad about the environment” the team developed a series of products around two passions: taking care of the planet and having fun with their dogs.


RagDogs produce handmade eco-friendly dog toys with materials that would otherwise be sent to landfill sites and have partnered with animal welfare charities like Assisi to create a profitable business with a social impact.


After making their way through a series of highly competitive competitions against other student businesses, RagDogs are away out to London today to represent Northern Ireland in the UK Young Enterprise final.


We had the absolute honour to sit down with them to discover what they’ve learned along the way, how they feel about the big final in London and what it’s been like to juggle starting a business with your A-Levels.


Absolutely blown away by the success, wisdom and the great banter these women have and I know you guy are really going to enjoy it.


Here we go.  

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- Matt

Matthew Thompson