EXPLORE BOTANIC MEETUP! (sponsored by 'The Pocket')

Photo by  @kate_durnin

Photo by @kate_durnin

On October 29th the 'Insta gang' got together again for the 'Explore Botanic' Best Of Belfast Meetup. 

This meetup was slightly different because it was our first sponsored event, allowing us to run a photo contest. 

The Pocket - a gorgeous local coffee shop opposite Queens - kindly provided prizes for the 3 best photos taken during the meetup. 

Video Highlight

Here's a quick YouTube video highlighting what went on during the event as well as some of the lovely people who showed up. 


Photo highlight

Best Of Belfast Meetups

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Photo by  Rya  n MacVicar

Photo by Ryan MacVicar

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Thanks very much, hope to see you at a Best Of Belfast MeetUp soon!

- Matthew

Matthew Thompson