Street Art Crawl With Visual Waste - Best Of Belfast Meetup

Photo credit: Peace Ofure

Photo credit: Peace Ofure

In September we got the Instagram community together to go on a street art crawl with local legend Dean Kane, aka Visual Waste. 

Over 40 people showed up to hear the stories behind some of Belfast's best street art from the artist himself. 

Dean guided the gang around the Cathedral Quarter before ending up in Bullitt where he painted the SpaceMan mural up on the roof. 

Video Highlight

Local Instagrammer Chris Gillespie rolled out his first VLOG filmed during the event. You can watch it below to get a better idea of what went down. 


Best Of Belfast MeetUp 

Big thanks to Dean for taking the time out to show us around some of the street art in Belfast If you'd like to find out more about Visual Waste you can read his story or listen to a full podcast interview. 

Cheers to everyone who turned out for the event, it was great craic. Also thanks to Sasha Ferg who led an impromptu 'bonus' street art tour at the end for those who wanted to see more.

If you'd like to come along to any of our meetups head on over to the event page to see what we're up to next.

Other than that I'll catch you next time.

- Matthew. 

Matthew Thompson