Best Of Belfast Instagram Meetup - August 2017

Best Of Belfast Instagram Meetup.jpg

Since we started Best Of Belfast we've seen the online creative community in Belfast grow and connect more and more...

Local photographers, filmmakers and bloggers were connecting online - but that was about it.

So we had the thought... "why not try to bridge the gap between the online and the offline?"

With no idea how it would turn out, we organised an Instagram Meetup in August with no agenda other than to connect with people from Instagram...

Here's what happened. 

Video Highlight

Dillon Osborne captured this short video of local free runner Samuel Lemon doing his thing. 

Come along to a Best Of Belfast meetup!

If you'd like to join us next time pop on over to our event page to see what's coming up soon.

Photo by  Daniel Smyth

Photo by Daniel Smyth

Other than that be sure to check out our podcast and story blog where we share the stories of local legends. 

All the best,

- Matthew

Matthew Thompson