The Best Of Belfast Podcast 

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The Best Of Belfast Podcast launched in August 2017 with one goal:

To tell the story of local Northern Irish legends one episode at a time.

We invite our listeners to listen-in on a casual chat (often over a cup of coffee) to the tales behind well-known local folk/brands as well as some of our best kept secrets/underdogs. 

Why start a Northern Irish Podcast?

Belfast has a long, rich history of storytelling... from the epic works Seamus Heaney and C.S Lewis to the 'old wives tales' told down at the local pubs + coffee shops. 

People from Northern Ireland love to tell stories, but the people of Northern Ireland also have incredible stories to tell. 

We're not great at celebrating ourselves (though experts at giving each other a good slagging.)

The Best Of Belfast Podcast is a space where we can celebrate individuals and allow them to share their story while hopefully still preserving the banter and humour that we're known for. 

There's so much incredible stuff happening both in the creative and business world that often falls through the cracks... sadly many local folk miss out on what is going on right here on their own doorstep.

Plus we can be quite a nosy bunch. We like to know who's who and how we know them through friends/family. ('Here my second-cousin went to school with her uncle!' kind of thing.) 

This Northern Ireland podcast seeks to showcase what makes our wee country to the world while helping us locals to learn more about (and love) where we live. 

What type of guests are on the Best Of Belfast Podcast?

We're not fussy, honestly anyone who has an epic story to tell. 

From market traders, street artists, musicians, entrepreneurs, small business owners, authors to strangers on the street.

Our goal is to champion the diverse mix of characters in Northern Ireland.

Here's a list of our previous guests on the show:
- David Johnston, founder of OutsideIn (the OI hats you've seen everywhere)
- Flax Fox/Danielle Morgan... Artist/St Georges Market trader extraordinaire
- Gerry White, founder of Jawbox Gin
- Samina Kauser... the legend who owns Kurrito on Botanic Avenue
- Dean Kane aka Visual Waste: one of our best local street artists. 
- Lyn Magill, our first ever guest, lover of life and cancer-fighting badass.
- Gareth Patterson, the gent behind Belfast Coffee Map
- BiaRebel Ramen: Noodle slingers from the food truck by the Big Fish. 
- Paul McMullan, director of International House Belfast
- Madlug founder Dave Linton: Make A Difference Luggage

If you have a story or would like to recommend/put us in touch with someone you think would be a good fit, please give us a shout via our contact form

Who hosts the Best Of Belfast Podcast + How did it start?

That would be me - Matthew Thompson - a twenty-something year old guy with a love for Norn Iron, writing and stories.

I have no prior experience podcasting and am learning as I go... but having a lot of fun along the way. 

Here's the origin story... 

After travelling and working for 3 years in NYC after my A-Levels I moved back to Northern Ireland and was blown away by how quickly the country/city is changing.

Not to mention how many amazing stories/projects are going on that I had no idea about.

The first few months I was back home I took a job working for Deliveroo, delivering your Boojum orders all over the city and coming into contact with a wide range of places, spaces, people and stories I had no idea existed.

So I started the podcast and Instagram page to gather all this class stuff in the one place... 

The rest as they say... is history. 

You can see what else I get up to here if you're nosy. 

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Who does the epic intro/outro music on this Northern Ireland podcast?

The intro/outro music is by the local band Wanderers.

You can find them on Spotify + Instagram + YouTube.

The song is called 'Light It Up' and we think they are one of the best kept musical hidden gems in Norn Iron. 

When can I find the time to listen to the show?

Listening to podcasts is a great way to spice up some idle/boring time.

Whether it's exercising, doing the dishes, hoovering the house, commuting to work you can stick one on and multi-task while hearing these local stories.

Plus there are loads of other great 'Northern Ireland Podcasts' and we think that podcasting in general is set to grow a lot over the next few years in NI. 

What else does Best Of Belfast do?

- We share epic photos of Belfast from local photographers on
- We work with local projects + schemes to help make our city even better
- We host meetups/events to bring the local creative community together
- We speak at events, attend networking shin-digs and spread our passion for Belfast

Ok, I've read all this copy... what now?

That's a decent amount of reading. Fair play.

Here's how you can connect with us and take this relationship to the next level. 

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That's all folks

I've run out of things to say, so that's all from me for now. 

Come along with us as we explore Belfast through the eyes (and voices) of the incredible people who call this city home.

Thanks for reading, 

Looking forward to connecting with you soon

- Matthew Thompson