Creating Spaces That Matter With Barbara & JP Whearty From Cafe Cuan (#38)


Meet Barbara & JP Whearty…


One day not too long ago, I went to visit this new place around the corner from Ormeau Baths called Cafe Cuan for lunch.

A mate had told me that they sell these unbelievable BBQ sandwiches and that they had bought the smokers from Bubbacue. So I went, got one of the best lunches I’d had in recent memory.

While I was there I got chatting to the owners Barbara and JP Whearty (who were making the coffee and sandwiches themselves).

After about 2 minutes of hearing them chat I knew I had to get them on the show.

This couple. What can I say? I think the two of them can only really be described as what happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object because their energy, passion and talent is electric.

Barbara and JP met on Twitter during a transitional period in their lives and the rest is history in the making. After combining a wide range of experience across the corporate and film sectors they’ve now opened up Cafe Cuan, a new experimental space on Cromac street that’s redefining local cafe culture.

In this episode, we chat about their story, what it’s like to juggle such a massive project while being 8 months pregnant and why creating spaces that matter is so important for the future of our city.

Had an absolute dynamic conversation with Barbara & JP and know you’re going to really love it.

Check it out.

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Cheers again to Barbara & JP Whearty from Cafe Cuan for taking the time to share their story with us!

See you next time.

- Matt

Matthew Thompson