‘Being Yourself’ With Andrew McCracken And Jason Harvey From GoFyt (#37)

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Meet Andrew McCracken and Jason Harvey…


When Andrew McCracken and Jason Harvey met 10 years ago, they had no idea they’d end up co-founding GoFyt, a successful sports tech start-up based in Belfast.

After getting injured just before the race of his career in the Commonwealth Games, Jason struggled to find a local physio and get the therapy he needed, despite having a huge range of contacts in the fitness industry.

Turns out Jason wasn’t the only one and that this problem is experienced by professional athletes, amateur sports teams and casual gym-goers alike.

GoFyt’s solution is simple: an online platform where you can discover and book appointments with local health and fitness professionals when you need them.

The local startup - whose name stands for Go Find Your Trainer - connects users with personal trainers, therapists and much more. They’ve been described as the ‘Air BnB’ of the fitness industry.

Andrew and Jason have experienced a lot of success in a short space of time, but the journey hasn’t been without its setbacks and challenges.

In the start-up world, there’s a lot of pressure to act like you’ve got it all together and that you know everything, but in today’s episode, Andrew and Jason from GoFyt peel back the layers and reveal how authenticity and being yourself in business can actually be a secret weapon.

They got very real and honest in our chat, sharing some absolute gold along the way and I know you’re going to really get a lot from today’s conversation, because I know I certainly did.

That’s it, that’s enough hype for now, and it’s time to get the boys on the mic and let you hear them for yourself.

Check it out!

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