Geraldine Hughes: West Belfast To The West End, To Broadway & Beyond


Meet Geraldine Hughes…


Geraldine Hughes is an actor from West Belfast, Northern Ireland known for her performances in Rocky Balboa, Gran Torino, Harry Potter & The Cursed Child and much, much more.

After moving to the States to study when she was 18, Geraldine’s journey is one of grit, determination and success.

In recent years, Geraldine has been turning to writing and producing, with her multi-award-winning play Belfast Blues coming to The Lyric Theatre this week. 

You will see me there on Thursday night, and there are only a few tickets left so show your support and get on it!

In this very raw and honest conversation, Geraldine opens up about her journey to stardom, what it’s like to work with directors like Clint Eastwood and the most challenging experience she’s ever faced.

Check it out.

P.S. This podcast was recorded in Betaworks studio, thanks to Ballymena’s own Sarah McBride whom we’ll be hearing from in a few weeks time. 


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Matthew Thompson