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Jack McGarry is the youngest-ever International Bartender of the Year. Sean Muldoon is admired/feared throughout the bar world for his vision, drive and insane attention to detail. Before opening The Dead Rabbit in 2013, the two met while working at The Merchant Hotel in Belfast.

During their time there, The Merchant became the first bar outside the US to be named World’s Best at Tales of the Cocktail. From that moment on, Jack & Sean wanted to create a bar with the world-class service of a five-star hotel combined with an Irish pub’s down-to-earth, bustling atmosphere.

The Dead Rabbit on Water Street in Manhattan, NYC, is the result.

In this episode, we hear how two lads from Belfast went on to open the Best Bar In The World, publish multiple books about their industry and find time for future projects in the pipeline that range from comic books, to feature films.

In all the podcasts I’ve done, I don’t think I’ve met two more driven, ambitious people than Jack & Sean, and there’s enough hard-earned wisdom in this conversation to give you a PHD in seeing your vision come to pass.

Check it out. 

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