Talking Potatoes With Jack Hamilton From Mash Direct (#34)


Meet Jack Hamilton…


Jack Hamilton is a 6th generational farmer with a twist. After the family farm faced financial difficulties, the Hamilton Family took the potato industry by surprise and founded Mash Direct.

What started as a mash-potato delivery service via van has grown into one of Northern Ireland’s most well-loved companies and one that sells a pack of vegetables every second.

Mash Direct may be a family run business from Comber, but they move and act like a disruptive tech startup, utilise the digital age to talk about and celebrate their favourite thing: good local food.

We caught up with Jack to talk all things potatoes, what the future of food will look like and even danced around the topic of food porn…

All this and more in today’s episode. Check it out!

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Thanks again to Jack Hamilton for taking the time to share his story with us!

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- Matt

Matthew Thompson