A Conversation With Belfast Polymath + Storyteller John McGregor (#35)


Meet John McGregor…


A polymath is someone with a wide range of expertise in many areas and I’ve never met anyone who fits this description better than John McGregor.

John grew up in Short Strand in Belfast during the 1950s and was kicked out of school at age 14. Through a series of twist and turns, this event led John to a widely successful career in almost every industry imaginable.

Finding purpose and opportunity in unlikely places, John’s story is one of perseverance, faith and incredible diversity.

In this episode, we handed the mic over to John and just let him talk about his life, how Belfast has changed across a lifetime and what advice he would give to any young person just starting out.

This episode is unlike anything else we’ve put out before and I’m really excited to share it with you.

Really hope you enjoy.

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Thanks again to John McGregor for taking the time to share his story with us!

See you next time.

- Matt

Matthew Thompson