Nadine Patterson, Puppet-Maker


Meet Nadine Patterson…


Nadine Patterson is a puppet-maker from Northern Ireland.


From making models as a child to working in the puppet hospital on a Tim Burton movie set, Nadine has one of the most interesting stories we’ve ever featured on the podcast.


Her passion for art and working with tiny things has led her all over the world and put her in contact with some of the biggest names in the film industry (including Wes Anderson for his latest movie Isle Of Dogs).


But how do you become a puppet-maker? What does it take to break into the highly competitive and constantly-moving world of stop-motion? But most importantly, why?


We caught up with Nadine just before her big move to Oregon and in this rare conversation you’ll discover what goes on inside a puppet hospital, how difficult it is to work with such small objects and why she loves what she does for a living.


All this and more in today’s show.


Here we go!

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Thanks again to Nadine Patterson for taking the time to share her story with us!

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— Matt

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