Norman Houston: Northern Ireland’s Man In Washington D.C. (#51)


Meet Norman Houston…


Norman Houston is the longest serving British Diplomat in Washington D.C. and is our Northern Irish representative for all of America.


He’s worked with the presidents and their staff through 3 cycles — so Bush, Obama and now Trump to raise Northern Irish issues on a global scale and showcase all the incredible things our wee country has to offer.  


After serving for over forty years’ in the Northern Ireland Civil Service Norman is retiring in a couple of months and moving back to Belfast.


I had the incredible opportunity to sit down with Norman in the Fitzpatrick Hotel in Manhattan to reflect on his career, what he’s learned along the way and what’s next.


Norman is an absolute delight, and I know you’re going to really enjoy hearing from here.

Check it out.

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Thanks again to Norman Houston for taking the time to share his story with us!

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- Matt

Matthew Thompson