From Newry To New York: Pauline Turley, Irish Arts Center (#50)


Meet Pauline Turley…


After winning the green card lottery in 1997, Pauline Turley left friends and family in Newry behind to move to NYC.  

Since then Pauline has been on a rollercoaster journey that’s included pulling pints in a bar frequented by famous Irish actors, getting married to an American fella and developing the Irish Arts Center into what is it today.

Founded in 1972, the Irish Arts Center is a multi-disciplinary organization dedicated to promoting a dynamic image of Ireland and Irish America of the 21st Century. In October 2018, Irish Arts Center broke ground on the first phase of a new $60 million Irish Arts Center Development project, which is scheduled to open in 2020.

(Looks really incredible so it does).

Pauline is an absolute powerhouse and I had an absolute blast sitting down to hear her story and I know you will to.

Check it out!

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Thanks again to Pauline Turley from the Irish Arts Center for taking the time to share her story with us!

See you next time.

- Matt

Matthew Thompson