Podcast Interview With Ross Moffett From Pop Up Original


Meet Ross Moffett…


Not all superheroes wear capes, in fact some, wear a suit and tie… Ross Moffett may sell cars by day, but at night he’s busy promoting and managing local bands to drive the local Northern Irish music scene through his venture Pop Up Original. 

After seeing the shortcomings in the local music industry, Ross set out on a mission to help musicians from Northern Ireland make it, make money and get their art out to the world.

In this week’s show we chat about the fear of failure, why most musicians don’t make it and what it means to ‘do what you gotta, so you can do what you wanna’.

Check it out.

Pop Up Original Northern Ireland

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Big thanks to Ross Moffett for taking the time to share his Pop Up Original story with us.

Hopefully it got you pumped up and ready to turn the volume up in your own life.

See you next time.

- Matthew Thompson

Matthew Thompson