Podcast Interview With Kevin Young, A Results Coach From InMynd


Meet Kevin Young…


Kevin Young spends his days peeling back the false beliefs and limiting mindsets each of us have.

Whether it’s something from our past, pain we experience in the present or a national negativity etched into our psyche, Kevin is extremely interested - and talented - at challenging the voices in our heads with reason and truth. 

In this special ‘New Years Edition’ of Best Of Belfast, we tackle the massive question of why do we not become the person we want to be, discuss the drawback of New Years Resolutions and try to understand the Northern Irish mindset.

Check it out.

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Big thanks to Kevin Young for taking the time to share his story with us.

Hopefully it got you ready for the new year and equipped you with some tools to tackle your goals.

See you next time.

- Matthew Thompson

Matthew Thompson