Artificial Intelligence & T-Shirts: Sarah Mcbride From Cross & Freckle (#68)


Meet Sarah McBride…


Despite being only 23-years-old, Ballymena born & bred Sarah Mcbride has already worked with Google, Nokia, a VC firm in NYC — and launched a t-shirt company that doesn’t exist… 

While holding her current marketing role at Betaworks, Sarah has been using her “spare time” to create Cross & Freckle: an AI t-shirt company that has garnered global media attention and coverage from the likes of Product Hunt and WIRED Magazine. 

In today’s show, we chat about early influences on her involvement in tech, what life is like in NYC and how artificial intelligence is disrupting the world of fashion.

Let’s go.

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Thanks again to Sarah McBride for taking the time to share her story with us!

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- Matt

Matthew Thompson