Nostalgia, Entrepreneurship and Art with Aaron Flanagan from Comic Book Guys (#49)


Meet Aaron Flanagan…


In 2014, Aaron Flanagan and his brother quit their ‘proper jobs’ to open Comic Book Guys, Northern Ireland's largest independent comic book store and the first-ever authorised CGC dealer.


The one-stop shop located on Great VIctoria Street has been serving Belfast’s thriving comic book scene through golden, silver age, bronze to modern comics, movie memorabilia, toys, collectables and even comics made by local creators (including a comic made by the Comic Book Guys themselves about fighting the zombie apocalypse off in their shop).


In this week’s conversation, we chat all about serving a small market, the impact superhero movies have had on the industry, what it’s like to set up your own business and why a vintage medium like comic books are still thriving today.

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