A Conversation With Coworking Space King Steve Pette (#48)


Meet Steve Pette…


After working in hospitality since he was 13 years old, Steve Pette has spent his life creating experiences for people.

Describing himself as a guy looking to make a positive difference in cities through inspired environments, Steve is a cofounder of Ormeau Baths and Central-Working, two coworking spaces that provide local businesses with a place to thrive.

Steve has worked with some big names in the hospitality sector and also in the airline industry with Virgin Atlantic and was one of the founding team members who brought the airline to America: redefining the US travel market.

In today’s conversation with Steve, we talk about the dominos that led to him opening the UK’s first coworking space in 2010, how he met his wife in a job interview and how we can build a better future together.

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Matthew Thompson