“Small Steps To Giant Living” With Scott Riley From Causeway Living (#47)


Meet Scott Riley…


In June 2014, Scott Riley (the founder of Causeway Living) was 100 lb overweight, suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis and on a cocktail of pharmaceutical drugs. He was depressed, isolated and at rock bottom in his life.

But not any more.

After some big leaps of faith like being treated by the tribes in the Peruvian Amazon, going 60 days without solid food, and climbing frozen mountains half naked in the snow, Scott now coaches others to “take small steps to giant living” when it comes to their health, fitness and wellbeing.

Scott is also the founder of Dash & Splash, a meetup that gets together every Sunday morning to run, breath and swim in the sea together. The Bangor group has gone from strength to strength and now boasts of up to 80 people attending their weekly event.

In today’s conversation, we cover a lot of ground in the alternative medicine space ranging from fasting, elimination diets, juicing, cold water therapy, and The Wim Hof method.

I don’t recommend trying these things without first consulting a professional/doctor and please do not attempt breathing exercises mixed with cold water immersion by yourself as blackouts can be quite common and fatal.

Disclaimer out of the way, Scott is an absolutely incredible guy with such a powerful story and the ripple effect of his work is seriously changing people’s lives — I don’t say that flippantly, they really are — and the best part is that they’re not complicated, expensive or time-consuming… His tagline is bang on the money: small steps to giant living and I know you guys are really going to enjoy this one. Let’s go!

Check it out.

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- Matt

Matthew Thompson